The most enduring baseball memory of my youth was of my father, red in the face and getting hoarse, yelling, “You’re a bum, Bobby Bonilla! A bum!” from the mezzanine section of Shea Stadium.

Years later, Robin Ventura, with his elegant throws across the diamond and miraculous late inning hits, taught me what there was to love in baseball.


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  1. Elliot Pinsley

    Ah yes, Bobby Bonilla. Those were the bad old days, possibly the worst in the history of the franchise. The 1992 Mets were an overpaid bunch of petulant underachievers distinguished more by their misbehavior and sense of entitlement than anything they accomplished on the field. Whether hurling firecrackers at young autograph-seekers or acid at insistant sports reporters, they were an unpleasant lot, and Bonilla was something of a ringleader/provocateur. It took until the all-too-brief glory years of Ventura and Piazza to extinguish the bad memories from that earlier team. Robin Ventura brought class and style to the Mets and third base, a barren outpost at Shea for too many years. His Grand Slam Single in the 1999 NLCS may be the most ecstatic single moment in the history of the franchise. At least it is for me. A word of caution for the current vintage. I see, in one of our finer New York papers, that some members of the team are dismayed that fans haven’t let go of their disappointment at last year’s dismal finish and are heaping verbal abuse on players — even King Johan, gasp! — after barely 10 games. Yes it’s early, and I agree that booing the hometown guys can be counterproductive. But with an inflated payroll like the Mets have and ticket prices that rose even in the face of historic failure, I’d suggest that Mr. Wagner et al lay off the fans and do their job. Nothing silences the boobirds like crisp, aggressive play. And winning. Play ball.

  2. alex

    hi kate
    why do the mets have nelson figeroa????????????????????????????????????
    was that astute enough because mom says i have to write something astute

  3. 643kate

    The Mets have Nelson Figueroa because Omar Minaya built a very old, injury prone team and the Mets as an organization have struggled for decades to develop pitchers. With two starters down, and Pelfrey their only legitimate/ready pitching prospect, the Mets were forced to turn to a journeyman. It is worth noting that Figueroa was initially drafted by the Mets, and was once a real prospect. Inconsistency and injuries kept him from having a real MLB career. He could turn into a great story though.

  4. Just wait till Prince Fielder starts batting his weight — Milwaukee will surely have its first legimate shot at a batting title since Paul Molitor!!! Watch out Metskis…

  5. 643kate

    Elliot – don’t forget Edgardo Alfonzo’s contribution to those good years. He was the anchor of that “Best Infield Ever.”
    His numbers:
    1999: 123 runs, 191 hits, 27 hr, 108 rbi, 85 k, .304 avg
    fielding: 98 doubleplays turned, 5 errors
    2000: 109 runs, 176 hits, 25 hr, 94 rbi, 70 k, .324 avg
    fielding: 84 doubleplays turned, 10 errors.

    Dick – Fielder is apparently vegetarian now. It doesn’t bode well for your prediction

  6. John (UK)

    Elliot (above) has taken (my son) David and I to Shea Stadium twice. We even saw Mike Piazza and had a poster up of him for a year or two. At Shea I remember trying to explain cricket to Elliot once but gave up (Elliot -I think you thought it daft which maybe it is abit-5 day games often ending without a winner etc) Anyhow we are now Mets fans and I’m trying to watch the games on the web nowadays. One thing-I dont defend bad behavior but perhaps the players should get their share of the big money, they are the working class boys who find they have the talent and being a bit socialist over here we dont just want the capitalists (owners TV bosses etc) to make the big money-maybe they are the ones who make too much. But its just a thought-I dont really know enough to have a view. Hi Kate – your Dad told me of your site Hope you are well (Hi Alex-it sounds pretty astute to me)

  7. laterboomer

    Kate, great blog!

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